January 2015 Income Report: $15.49


In 2014, we decided to begin monetizing The Quarter Acre Homestead, including the YouTube Channel and other web sites. Jumping on a growing bandwagon, we decided to publish our monthly earnings as a way to encourage ourselves and other bloggers. This first report is being published for January 2015, and we will report monthly from now on. Join us on this journey!

This income is primarily to support the continued growth and development of The Quarter Acre Homestead blog and YouTube Channel. We would love to become professional bloggers and You-Tubers, but for now we are only making a few cents per day. 🙂 You can help support us by clicking on various product links throughout the site, viewing our videos, etc. Hopefully this works out to be a win-win for you and for us!

Again, the total income for our first month is pretty lean. The only reason we earned as much as we did is because we already had some Adsense ads on some of our other sites, and we have about 20 YouTube videos already online. Hoping to grow from here!

January 2015 Income

January 2015 Views

So what can $15.49 buy, anyway? Well for starters, you could almost buy some of this beef gelatin, which you would need to try our homemade yogurt or hypoallergenic pumpkin pie recipe!

Beef Gelatin

Hopefully we will have an increase in earnings to report next month! And hopefully that increase in earnings is due to more people finding the information we create helpful and beneficial. Blessings until next time!


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