The Titus Diet


Titus feeling good on Thanksgiving 2014

Despite having a great pregnancy, eating good foods, and having a natural home birth, our son Titus developed severe eczema, allergies, and asthma. It has been a very, very long and hard journey, but he is doing much better now. He is currently two years old and loving life. At this point we still have a very involved skin care routine including daily 20 minute baths, lathering him in vanicream multiple times per day, using a mild steroid cream every-other day on spots as needed, and using wet-wraps (National Jewish style) for any skin flares.

Titus with an eczema flare in 2013

Since Titus is still nursing, he and mommy are both on a very strict diet based on allergy testing, food challenges, and two years of trail-and-error. This diet must be 100% strict, and it is very restricted. Thus the name Titus Diet.

On this site you will find various recipes we have developed for the Titus Diet. In the future we will also include tutorials and videos on wet wrapping based on the procedures we learned during our visit to National Jewish Health. To read more about Titus’ story, please visit

Below is a list of the current foods allowed on the Titus Diet. Click here to view the spreadsheet.

The Titus Diet

Titus Diet as of 11/2014


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